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Vallin Health is an organization dedicated to helping individuals and families love deeply and live their lives wisely, especially during difficult transitions.


We do this through our educational programs and holistic therapies such as hypnotherapy, mindfulness, meditation, and spiritual mentorship.



How To Work With Us

At Vallin Health we have a variety of options for us to work together. 

Whether you are looking for personal therapy, spiritual mentorship or your team wants to join one of our mindfulness / hypnotherapy programs, we would love to hear from you.

Please find below the best path for you:


Hypnotherapy Sessions

Federico offers one-on-one sessions for individuals looking to deepen their spiritual practice, wanting to do hypnotherapy, learn mindfulness, develop emotional intelligence, needing guidance during a crisis, experiencing: pain, anxiety, difficult emotions, lack of acceptance, depression, or during their end-of-life process. 


Personalized Retreats

Design your 2-day retreat with us!

If you believe mindfulness and awakening to greater consciousness can help your team, we would love to host or co-create a retreat with you in one of our locations.

And if you are interested in bringing Federico to your space? That is also a possibility. 


Mindfulness Program

Our unique Hypnotherapy / Mindfulness Program is for individuals & teams ready to learn mindfulness as a way to become more compassionate and balanced in a deeper way.

We work with groups and organizations such as: First Responders, Veterans, Seniors, Addiction Centers, and Healthcare Organizations.


Health Empowerment Program 

In the last few years, we created and delivered an outstanding program for medical patients worldwide. 

Now this program is available online and its objective is to teach a variety of integrative practices such as: Self Hypnosis, Tapping, Mindfulness, and Therapeutic Visualization with outstanding results. 



Integrative Health Coach 
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Spiritual Teacher


Federico Vallin is the director and co-founder of Vallin Health, an organization dedicated to promoting the health & wellness of humanity in many ways.  

Since 2003 Federico has worked with hundreds of people as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Mentor, Integrative Health Coach, and Mindfulness Teacher with one single passion; Helping his students and patients reinvent themselves and live better lives.

Over the years many of them have become remarkable Success Storiesdefying the course of health conditions such as Cancer, MS, Depression, and lack of purpose and meaning to name a few.

His sessions aim to alleviate all types of pain, experience consciousness expansion, develop self-awareness, and release mental and emotional subconscious blocks.

How? Through the use of Mindfulness, Breathing Techniques, Hypnotherapy, Therapeutic Imagery, NLP, and Spiritual Guidance.

Today, he is recognized as a profound teacher, clinical hypnotherapist, and one of the very few who is specialized in working with medical patients and spirituality worldwide.

It is for that reason that he only works with individuals, teams, and families who are ready for lasting change and transformation.


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Maya Alapin


Things I never dreamed could shift, changed very soon after my sessions with Federico. He’s a master at his craft. If you want transformation the easy way, let Federico help you encounter your mind. Fantastic hypnosis, coaching and totally inspiring in all ways.

April May Bellia


Federico, I just want to thank you for the mind blowing Hypno sessions. We have been working together for a couple of months now but this last one was so incredibly memorable. I can’t stop thinking about the door of TRUTH


This session has impacted me so deeply. My life is beginning to transcend to another level and I feel super supported. It’s a very exciting and significant milestone on my timeline. Our paths crossed at the perfect moment and I am ready for this work.


I sincerely hope everyone who sees this testimonial will also take the opportunity to experience your beautiful and amazing guidance


Jelger Vitt


I've taken a workshop and subsequent sessions with Federico for self-development. The entire experience has been amazing. Before starting, he thoroughly researched what I'd like to get out of the work, and customized the work in the sessions specifically for my needs. With his patient, gentle and intuitive guidance, he knew exactly how to pace the work. After each session I felt deeply accomplished, and a lot closer to my goals. In a matter of a few weeks Federico has taught me more skills than I've gained in several years of self-development.

If you feel in need of guidance or support in your self-development work, look no further. Federico is your very best choice!

Steve Behrisch


I've had the pleasure of working with Federico and have discovered new tools to help me on my journey to greater self-awareness and increased mental strength. Federico is kind, professional, and shows genuine interest in helping his students discover their potential from within. I highly recommend anyone looking to expand their inner potential and discover the healing power of hypnotherapy.

Candise Pearce 


Brilliant. Every time I finish a session I leave feeling confident and clear. I have come to more deep realizations and experienced more healing with Federico than with any other therapist. I am so grateful for our sessions together. Something new is revealed each time we meet. Federico is experienced, professional and relatable. I highly recommend him as a hypnotherapist and health coach.

Fran McElwaine


Federico is insightful and inspiring. He has enabled me to identify blocks and focus on the real issues.  His methods offer a fast-track to the real substance that needs to be addressed and his sessions are somehow both relaxing and galvanizing at the same time. Working with Federico is like having a weight lifted so you can move forward with more grace and ease.


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