My Story, My Mission


Welcome, and thank you for joining me. I am truly honored to share this time with you. 

My name is Federico Vallin, and I specialize in assisting students and patients who are committed to rediscovering a state of balance in their lives.

My focus lies in teaching mindfulness meditation, mind-based therapies such as hypnotherapy, and spiritual development techniques to individuals and groups. 

Throughout the years, I’ve had the privilege of working with numerous people during their most challenging moments, including battles with addictions, deep depression, burnout, cancer, and multiple sclerosis. 

Looking back, it feels as though this work has chosen me!

Today, my passion is in providing emotional and spiritual support to individuals and corporate groups. Those who are overwhelmed by excessive workloads or demanding conditions, are in need of inner balance and emotional stability.

What inspires me to carry out this work is the fact that despite experiencing immense hardships in my own life, I have always possessed a spiritual and emotionally healthy perspective that has guided me through it all. 

I firmly believe that without the ability to turn inward and grasp the fundamentals of our spiritual and emotional intelligence, we can feel utterly lost in this world.

This inspiration is what led me to pursue my current path. Because no one should have to navigate life without guidance, without a center, and most importantly, without passion. 

Consequently, I am fully devoted to coaching both groups and individuals from around the globe, assisting them in discovering the power to embrace their true selves.


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Now, if you are willing to delve into a more detailed version of my background, I would be delighted to share my story. I hope you find it intriguing.

I was born in Caracas, Venezuela, a vibrant Caribbean city, during the 1970s. 

My mother is Mexican, and my father is Venezuelan. And the rest of my heritage encompasses North African, Native Mexican, Basque, and Italian roots.  

The people who raised me were seekers. They embraced both religion and metaphysical exploration in a big way! 

Thus, I am the product of various cultural influences such as Buddhism, and Catholicism intertwined with progressive spiritual thinking, yoga, and countless self-help books.

It was during my childhood, precisely at the age of 13, that I stumbled upon a book about the mind and hypnosis. 

I definitely remember this magical discovery, I remember trying to recruit people at school to listen to my initial attempts at hypnotic language. Though they may not have worked back then, they certainly do now! 

That pivotal event opened the door to my curiosity about everything related to the mind, meditation, hypnosis, the subconscious, and their boundless possibilities. That door remained wide open for decades until I finally crossed its threshold as a student of hypnotherapy.

Additionally, the "other" family that played a significant role in raising me in Venezuela consisted of new-age thinkers. In those early days, my crib happened to be placed beside an altar adorned with images of Christ, Hindu gods and goddesses, African heroes, and the Virgin of Guadalupe.

On the other hand, my great-grandmother solely spoke a native language that I never learned. She belonged to the Cora indigenous group and my family possessed deep ancestral connections to the plant medicine ceremonies of central Mexico. 

This early exposure instilled in me a perspective on medicine, spirituality, and the profound connection between ourselves and the spiritual realm.

Throughout my journey, I have encountered shamans and healers from various parts of the world - Cuba, Brazil, Canada, Venezuela, and Mexico - and they all agree that the medicine of the future is found in nature and in discovering the power that resides within ourselves.

So, as you can see the outcome of this mosaic of influences led me to become a meditation teacher, integrative health coach, clinical hypnotherapist, and spiritual teacher.

Fast forward many years, life has led me to amalgamate everything I have learned during my personal healing journey. 

Through extensive spiritual exploration across various world traditions and through facilitating the healing of both my own family and students, I have become acutely aware of the need for guidance and a broader perspective people are thirsty for.

Today, I help people from all walks of life through my organization Vallin Health. 

This is where I teach and coach, promote inner peace and the re-education of our minds. I also find great pleasure in teaching people techniques that enable them to connect with their inner selves and souls.

At the core of my beliefs lies the conviction that our souls possess the wisdom to guide us back to ourselves. All we need to do is listen.


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