A Complete Program For Healing The Mind, Body & Soul

Discover The Alternative Therapies That Can Help Accelerate Recovery


At Vallin Health, we believe lasting change takes place when healing happens at the physical, mental and spiritual levels. And we have worked on helping medical patients turn their health stories around.

The Health Empowerment Program is an online program that teaches people living with cancer a series of holistic tools such as Tapping, Self-Hypnosis, Therapeutic Visualization, Mindfulness, Meditation, Breathwork, and Hypnotherapy. 

All are specifically geared towards alleviating side effects and keeping a healing mindset Created Using Evidence-Based Scientific Studies

Please have a look at this easy-to-follow yet transformative system that already has so many Amazing Success Stories

This program is for individuals and organizations. For more information and how to join, please Book A Call here.

Lasting Change Takes Place When

Healing Happens At All Levels


The 3 Levels of Healing:



A peaceful mind, a peaceful body…


  • Let go of stress, fear & anxiety 

  • ​Process toxic thoughts & emotions

  • Find rest by holding a healing mindset

  • ​​Discover & remove subconscious programs

  • ​Understand the mind’s role in forming illness


Your body holds the key… 


  • Relax for deep body repair 

  • ​Up to date dietary suggestions

  • ​​Welcome your healing potential

  • ​​​Better manage physical side effects

  • ​Learn pain management techniques


Healing happens from the inside out… 


  • Strengthen your spiritual practice

  •  ​Learn about your ego & soul dynamics

  •  Develop your consciousness for healing

  •  Approach illness from a soul's perspective

  •  ​Form a strong vision of a future without cancer

How Does The Program Work?

This is an online program with unlimited access to a library of healing guided meditations, practical therapeutic exercises, video tutorials, food & nutrition recommendations, and a daily calendar with therapeutic exercises to follow.

The online learning portal is easily available from a computer or through our cell phone app.

As you go through the program you’ll learn the tools that have already improved the health of many of our students worldwide. 

You will also be invited to join our Facebook Group where you will have the support of our amazing community!

What Do I Get?

  • 24/7 access to our online learning platform through your computer or phone  
  • Daily Calendar with therapeutic exercises for you to follow 
  • ​20 Downloadable PDF therapeutic exercises
  • Discover our food & nutrition section with a variety of different meal plans with recipes ​
  • ​Experience our Guided Meditation library with healing visualizations, support for pain & anxiety, surgery preparation, hypnotherapy, spiritual development & more..
  • ​​Become a member of our Facebook community with hundreds of like-minded members on their journey to personal healing
  • ​Option to purchase one-on-one therapy sessions with Federico Vallin at a reduced member rate

What Results Can I Expect?

  • Increased peace & greater energy levels  

  •  ​​Reduction in physical & emotional side effects

  •  ​Less inflammation, less pain, less stress

  •  ​​Improved focus & mental clarity 

  •  ​​Naturally boost your immune system 

  •  ​​Learn to better prepare for surgery & treatments 

  • Address your medical visits with certainty

  •  ​​Lower anxiety, frustration & depression 

  •  ​​Design a better life with better relationships

  •  ​​Accelerate post-surgery recovery

  •  ​​Detoxify your life mentally, emotionally & physically 

  •  ​​Let your spiritual connection help you heal



Take A Sneak-Peak Of What The Online Learning Portal Looks Like From The Inside


Student Testimonials




I knew I had to do something. I had completed chemo, radiation and immunotherapy. I had included alternative modalities as well with stellar results, and no negative side effects. I should have been on top of the world! But I wasn't. I felt like I'd fallen into a black hole. Fear, anxiety, little hope for the future... And then I found Federico and his team. It felt like divine intervention! I now have the freedom to move forward in life with peace and confidence. Freedom from fear, peace in my heart, and confidence that I have been given the tools that I need to be the best me possible! Federico and his team provided me with those tools, along with love, encouragement, support and accountability. The program is structured so that it is easily integrated into my daily routine. Change is sometimes a little rough, but it gets easier and the more you put into it, the more you get out!



The rollercoaster of doing scans and bloodwork to find out if I’m still in remission has been absolutely mind blowing. There are so many things to be thankful for and to start remission check #1 shows no evidence of a reoccurrence. I’m so thankful for the good news!

Anyone else who may be walking the cancer line, I highly recommend reaching out to Federico Vallin for his mind, body Health Empowerment Program. This holiday season treat yourself to the power of healing!

Please let Federico know I sent you his way and you will thank me later.

Cheers to many more days of health. 


Federico thank you to you and your team so much for all the many worthwhile and meaningful sessions and information to get through this time of healing.

It has been so good for me and my journey and for my family too. You have been such a huge help. Thank you, thank you!!

So glad to have found you in my most vulnerable time of my life!

I wish you the best and know you’ll be blessing the lives of many. 


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