Discover A Unique Meditation Program With All The Benefits Of Mindfulness & Hypnotherapy Combined For Faster Results

Mindfulness is the practice of focusing our attention inwards. In the present moment, openly and without judgment in order to balance every area of our lives. 

Today, there are hundreds of Scientific Studies that show mindfulness and hypnotherapy can help us better cope with all kinds of physical and emotional challenges such as pain, stress, and anxiety to name a few, but it comes with a challenge; time and practice…

How Does It Work?

During the online program, you will log into a 45-minute class during which we’ll have a group discussion, do some of the meditative practices together, debrief, and talk about the assignment to practice during the week. 

What Results Can I Expect? 

During this life-changing training, you can expect to let go of subconscious blocks that may have followed and limited you for years. As well as becoming more comfortable going inwards in order to connect with your deeper self and discover who you really are.

By participating and practicing in our program you’ll see and feel some of these results:

  • Reduced stress & greater inner calm
  • Better managing thoughts & difficult emotions
  • Alleviate symptoms of trauma, anxiety & depression 
  • A more compassionate relationship with oneself
  • Enhanced focus & productivity 
  • More emotional intelligence, empathy & positivity
  • Improved blood pressure, sleep & immunity
  • Develop resilience & adaptability to change 
  • Enhance relationships by improving communication & empathy

Furthermore, due to its simplicity and deep subconscious reach, the benefits of this unique program can become: (1) accessible sooner, (2) with lasting positive effects, and with (3) less subconscious resistance to change.


What Skills Will I Learn?


  • Breathing Exercises For Emotional Release & Peace
  • Resilience To Transition During Hard Times 
  • Self-Hypnosis To Remove Blocks
  • Ability To Accept Life More As Is
  • How To Use Healing Affirmations
  • Spiritual Self-Enquiry
  • Meditation

And more...


Who Is This Program For? 


We are running separate programs for groups dealing with different kinds of stress and from diverse spiritual and cultural backgrounds such as:


  • Older Adults & Seniors 
  • First Responders (Police, Firefighters, Paramedics)
  • People Fighting Addictions
  • Veterans & Military


What Do I Get?  


Here’s a summary of what you’ll have access to:


  • Two 45-minute classes per week
  • Video Tutorials on breathing, meditation, and more
  • An easy-to-follow mindfulness meditation calendar
  • Daily exercises to listen and practice at home anytime
  • Access to our extensive library of guided meditations
  • Access to recorded classes so you never miss a day 



Our Promise 


We promise you that you’ll see at least one noticeable change* in your life after completing this program if you attend at least 75% of the live calls, participate in group activities, and do the assigned exercises during the program.


*Noticeable changes = Better handling of your mental-emotional states, able to better relax or sleep or able to manage pain or anxiety.

Federico Vallin

Program Teacher


Federico Vallín 


Integrative Health Coach

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Spiritual Teacher


Since 2003 Federico has worked with hundreds of people as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Mentor, Integrative Health Coach, and Mindfulness Teacher 

Helping many of his students become remarkable Success Stories, defying many obstacles including health conditions such as Cancer, MS, Depression, and lack of purpose and meaning to name a few. 

Final note: Some of the students in the program have decided to do therapeutic / one-on-one personal work with Federico. So if you are interested, please book a call to connect with him.

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