Scientific Studies & Research

Scientific Studies & Research


Mindfulness combined with hypnotherapy becomes a radical form of positive self-communication and healing, especially for those in positions of high stress and perceived trauma.

Why is the U.S. Department of Defense, several police departments, firefighter teams, military personnel, and veterans organizations worldwide using mindfulness, hypnotherapy, and meditation to improve many lives both on and off the clock?  Because it works!

Below you’ll find case studies on populations such as Veterans, US Marines, Police Officers & Firefighters.  As well as other unique studies on women with PTSD, populations fighting addictions, and more.


Mindfulness For The Treatment Of Addictions

This study found mindfulness to help with maintaining a less reactive and accepting attitude towards distressing thoughts and emotions—a tool for addictive behavior.


Results Of A Meditation & Mindfulness Practice In Women With PTSD

A study shows how a “steady mindfulness practice predicts reductions in PTSD symptom… in women with co-occurring PTSD and substance use disorder”


Evaluation Of A Mindfulness Intervention On Law Enforcement Officers

This 8-week program also reported: “significant improvement in resilience, perceived stress, burnout, emotional intelligence, difficulties with emotion regulation, mental health, physical health, anger, fatigue, and sleep disturbance”.


Influence Of Mindfulness Practice On Morning Cortisol & Improved Sleep 

An 8-week introductory mindfulness course shows lower morning cortisol levels among participants as well as improved sleep even though “cortisol levels did not, however, change between the beginning and end of individual sessions”.


Mindfulness Meditation: Positive Effects On Oncology Patients

This is a study on medical and non-medical applications during moments of high uncertainty and stress such as navigating cancer. 


Effect Of Compassion Meditation On Endocrine & Immune Responses To Stress “While much attention has been paid to meditation practices that emphasize calming the mind and improving attention, less is known about practices that foster compassion. This study suggests that loving-compassion meditation may reduce stress-induced immune and behavioral responses”.


Mindful Practices On Police Recruits: Becoming Emotionally Aware & Resilient

“Evidence suggests that “anti-avoidance” strategies, of acceptance, mindfulness, and emotional awareness, are more effective ways of coping, and are linked to both mental health and personal effectiveness among police officers”


Mindfulness Training For Resilience And Attention In Military Cohorts

This scientific paper shows how mindfulness practices support cognitive awareness, resilience, and attention, which are critical for successful performance, especially in demanding professions such as the military. 

NOTE: The U.S. The Department of Defense wanted to see how mindfulness improved soldiers’ performance and overall wellness and their research showed several positive outcomes associated with a mindfulness practice including improved physiological recovery, stress resilience, and easier reintegration into civilian life after deployment. 

Another military study found that a mindfulness practice improved working memory and cognitive resilience—aka, the ability to problem-solve effectively while under stress.  


The Role Of Mindfulness In Protecting Firefighters From Psychosomatic Trauma

Firefighters are another population in need of the benefits that mindfulness and hypnotherapy can offer. Here’s a study that shows how PTSD has been lowered by the use of mindfulness practices over a period of time.


To Conclude…


Systematic Review of Over 200 Studies Published in PubMED or PsycINFO

So many studies have been made on the positive effects of mindfulness unfortunately with some inconsistent results. Therefore, to clarify these inconsistencies here is a comprehensive analysis of over 200 of them.

I hope you can see there’s a plethora of reasons and studies to show you why you should consider starting a mindfulness / hypnotherapy practice for you and your team.

Other Studies For Medical Patients