One-On-One Sessions

Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness & Spiritual Mentorship


Federico is a combination of so many experiences and paths that it’s difficult to put him into one category: Therapist, Coach, Teacher, Spiritual Mentor…

That’s why those working with him can rest assured that he can adjust to you as long as you are open to do the work.

His patients and students usually arrive with one or many different needs such as:

  • Looking for deeper meaning and direction in life  
  • Wanting to connect the dots and heal while physically ill
  • Needing healthier personal and relationship boundaries          
  • At a personal or spiritual crossroad in life
  • Approaching death and dying and feeling difficult emotions
  • Wanting to be free of mental or emotional blocks 
  • Needing to change direction in life 
  • Looking for spiritual guidance and more… 

A mentorship relationship with Federico is not really for everybody. A person needs to come with what he calls, the most important ingredient of all “Readiness for Change”

So if you are going through a crisis of any kind and are ready to live a life with more purpose and directed by your soul. Reach out today and embrace your journey with him.  



Support for Families


We all need some help navigating our thoughts and emotions during difficult times. 

Especially when these moments are enmeshed with family members, personal boundaries and the flow of relationships.  

This work is for family members who are experiencing:  

  • Difficult emotions towards themselves and their loved ones
  • Having a hard time expressing their feelings openly
  • Overpowering emotions during the life transition of a relative
  • Needing to connect with God and find inner guidance within
  • A need for compassion towards themselves and others

Federico can support you or your family as a group. By holding a therapeutic space of compassion, true vulnerability and loving presence during difficult moments.